The Musicians & their Music

Many of the wonderful tracks heard in both Shroud of the Avatar and as community submissions to Avatars Radio have come through Poets Circle. These talented artists have put so many hours of emotion into their music and it is with great honour and wonderful cheer we are proud to share their music over the airwaves with the rest of the community even when the releases are not open to us. Please be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work! A single word of praise to an artist is a hundred more notes of music they are willing to deliver and it is all well worth it! Thank you Bards!

We at Avatars Radio are proud and honoured to be allowed to present to the community , the productions and submissions of fellow community members. We welcome submissions in all forms, instrumental, lyrical, poetry, or even call outs/Station Identifications. This page is dedicated to those that have opened their talents to the radio to be heard by everyone. If you would like to also have your submission added, and your name listed here, please feel free to contact Amber Raine.

Please note: Avatars Radio does not own any of these pieces, we are simply blessed to be allowed to play them for the artists, should you have interest in any of the pieces, we highly recommend speaking with the artist directly and letting them know of your admiration for their work, all words of encouragement and admiration helps show an artist they are indeed succeeding and their hard work appreciated.