Jakdaw Foxlauden

Avatar Name: Jakdaw Foxlauden

Nickname: Jak

Guilds/Communities: Avatars Radio

Who: I'm a MMO-loving 2nd Generation gamer that is tickled to be joining the spiritual successor of my family's favorite game, Ultima Online! As a self-attributed 'Jak-of-all-Trades', you can often find me doing a little of everything, and then ranting about it to anyone in earshot. When not in New Brittannia, I'm often exploring other gaming worlds, frequently alongside one or more of my family members. At parties, I'm often grandiose and flamboyant, using my randomness and over-the-top attitude to mask the occasional mental slip-up. Translation: I'm a goof!

Most Memorable Ultima/SotA Moment: Becoming on of the first "torchbearers" - Openly neutral parties in Shardfall zones that served as merchants for active participants at an Open PvP event. It's only because of the great community support that I was able to do this, and I was greatly honored!

Things you love most about Ultima/SotA: The open-ended nature of the game! So far, what people have done with the game is limited only by their imagination. It's great to see a game (and development team) that supports the dreams of its players!

Most embarassing SotA moment: Talking a whole bunch of smack to goad Amber Raine into a PvP match... and then being beaten. Oops.


If you were a Ultima Character which one would you be? Sentri

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you? Seth Rogen

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your super powers to be? Super speed

If you were a type of food, what type of food would you be? A cheeseburger

If I opened your refrigerator right now, what would I find? My kids' Go-Gurts


Favourite Virtue? Justice or Humility. Depends on the day.

Least Favourite Virtue? Besides Chaos? =P Spirituality, probably.

Favourite Ultima? Does Ultima Online count?

Least Favourite Ultima? 9. I had such high hopes for it...

Favourite Colour? Green

Least Favourtie Colour?Neon Green

Favourite Drink? Vanilla Dr. Pepper (NOT the one with Cherry. Blegh!)

Least Favourite Drink? Root Beer

Favourite Band/Singer? Linkin Park

Least Favourite Band/Singer? Katy Perry

Favourite Song? 'Little Talks' by Of Monsters and Men

Least Favourite Song? 'Roar' by Katy Perry. I REALLY don't like Katy Perry. >.<

Which is best…

Chaos or Order? Order

Humans, Orcs, or Elves? Orcs!

Cloth, Leather, or Metal? Metal!

Cats, Dogs, or birds? ...This is a rhetorical question, right?

Lord British or Lord Blackthorn DarkStarr? Not telling. I don't want to die today, thanks.

Iolo, Shamino, Dupre, or Geoffry? Geoffry

Jaana, Julia, Mariah, or Katrina? Jaana

Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence? Strength