Thank you for your interest in Avatars Radio:

As of April 2nd 2014, Avatar Radio has now several ways to reach us. We have an open welcoming of all submissions from our community. Talented musicians (be it instrumental, vocal, or mixer), poets, designers of station identifications and other sound bytes, or perhaps you have the face and voice for radio and would like to try your turn behind the desk as a DJ? This station shall always welcome the creative works of the community weighed over that of earthly!


IRC: (6667) #AvatarsRadio

TWITTER: @AvatarsRadio

FACEBOOK: Avatars Radio

We have been asked to include the following button. We at Avatars Radio believe that the station is for the community by the community, and Portalarium deserves all the donations and love to create a fantastic world for us all to live in. However, As requested by a number of people the following button has been added. Thank you. ~Avatars Radio Staff~