There comes a time when people go above and beyond the necessary steps to see that a project grows and is given that extra little helping hand. To these people we dedicate this place. Our hearts are warmed by your kindness. Thank you.

Hearth of Britannia

To host all information regarding the Hearth of Britannia cookbook project and to serve as an information hub for all Dragonly doings taking place under the HoB roof!

The Bear Tavern


The hosts and Royal Warrant holders of The Bears Tavern Brawl and several other amazing community activities. Need to relax? Had enough “bad” beer? Head on over to the Bears Tavern! Great Friends, Great Family, Great Parties!

Avatars Portal

Your centralized community portal for all your Avatar’s needs!

Avatars Circle

Avatars Circle! The gathering of the Avatars has begun!


As time goes on you will be finding the latest information and help on They have contributed so much to the skills, getting started, recipes, and more for new and old comers. Please check out their new featured content every week for your assistance in New Britannia information.


PaxLair (“Peace Place”) is a Player Town – not a guild! It is a community of many people, guilds, and establishments tied together by a physical town location in New Britannia. PaxLair is open to treaties, alliances, establishments, guilds, and many people! After all… it’s a town! Live there, visit there, be there.

SotA Travel Guide is a spoiler-free guide to Novia with a focus on player run towns, events, shops, etc… The idea is to give players an immersive guide to the world that focused not on quests/crafting/NPCs, but rather on the more dynamic elements that a player-run-economy brings.

SotA Bricks

SotABricks is a Lego fan site featuring models inspired by Ultima and Shroud of the Avatar.

Ultima Online: Redemption

Ultima Online Redemption is a new, free-to-play server for the greatest MMORPG ever created, with the objective of providing players with the best possible gaming experience. Free of bugs, corruption, and other problems that plague most Ultima Online servers, UO Redemption is heavily based on the UO Renaissance era with some modifications and custom content.