Thank You Avatars

Avatars Radio has always been about creating a gathering area of Avatars ears. Whether they be trapped on the other side of the lunar rift awaiting passage to join us in New Britannia or they are here with us hosting events and celebrating the greatness that is our new home; Avatars Radio has always been there.

Upon our conception in January 2014 – It was known what our final goal would be. Community Station – for the community , by the community, with the community in mind and heart!

That was our vision, that was our goal. Today almost a year later – Avatars Radio continues to deliver *that* motto in mind and heart. We are here for you, without you we would not exist!

The wonderful Volunteer staff (Yes none of these wonderful DJs we hear get paid – They do this from the depth of their heart putting so many hours in, it is all volunteer and dedication! From all of them)

  • Owner and Founder: Amber Raine
  • Station Manager: Royalsexy
  • Avatars Radio Aether Vision Manager: GoldWing Okhan
  • Web Site Development Team Lead: BrokenHalo
  • DJs Extraordinaire: Dr DJ Celith, Lady Adnor, Karrin Murphy, Alucard, FireLotus

We combine the best of the community: music, poetry, stories, plays, and in world events. With that of the terrestrial – Earthly music tracks, events, and other places and things that may interest us as a community! We shall continue to deliver news from different web sources, including but not limited to: Shroud forums, Update of the Avatars, AvatarsCircle, AvatarsPortal,, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook.. If it will in one way or another help the community. We will be there to announce it for you!