Radio City is a city devoted to Avatars Radio and the community. All are welcome to visit. We offer many activities such as the Underground PvP Arena, or dance the night away at the Dance Club. If that is not your style, maybe you would be have more fun at a Church of Chaos service

Ever wonder how a radio station works? Stop by the Avatars Radio Station and see where the magic happens. Maybe meet one of the deejays and make a request!

  • Radio City / Moon Tower

    Radio City has been created for the community to enjoy. It's a place that all players are welcome to come, explore and just have a great time.

  • Dance Club

    The idea of a Dance Club came about on one of the many evenings that members of the Avatars Radio staff were dancing on a rooftop and enjoying the company and good conversation, as we often do. With more and more Avatars gathered for these impromptu events we decided that a proper place should be created and made easily accessible to our fellow Avatars. We all need a place to wind down after a grueling day of hunting, resource gathering and crafting in Shroud of the Avatar. And, wa-la, the Dance Club is born!

  • Church of Chaos

    Need to wash away some sin?? Or maybe just want a good sermon on the deadly sins? Come see High Priestess Amber Raine as she preaches to the masses.

  • Underground PvP Arena

    Down and dirty!

  • Playing Field

    The location of various outdoor events